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To succeed in today's competitive marketplace, your products and services
need to speak directly to all of your customers. Your product has to be 
linguistically and culturally adapted to meet customer needs, and your 
business requirements.

Companies wanting faster access to Middle East markets can depend on 
JudiME localization solutions. We will help you launch your products and 
services to the Middle East. Our localization services apply to software, 
multimedia applications, CBTs, web pages, technical documentation 
and marketing materials.

We have been working with local and international companies in a variety 
of fields, such as software development, telecommunications, automotive, 
healthcare and Office equipments. Using latest technology and through our 
in-house native translators, software engineers and DTP specialists, we 
are able to help you launch a product of the highest quality. We do it all on 
time and on budget.

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