JudiME offers a full range 
of capabilities and services 
designed to meet  each 
company’s localization needs.

Our Services include:


Software Localization

Website Design and Localization

Multilingual Desktop Publishing


Website Design and Localization

The Internet provides virtually unlimited opportunity to reach customers 
around the globe. By localizing your web you will enjoy the benefits of 
a truly global reach. We can enable your web to reach Middle East 
customers, letting them feel as if it has been designed with their culture 
in mind.

Website localization requires sensitive and accurate translation and
localization of all content including images, flashes, etc. For right-to-left 
reading languages such as Arabic, the page layout may need to be reversed 
as well. 

JudiME offers customized web design and localization solutions using the 
latest web development and localization applications.

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